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New Downton Abbey Series 5 Trailer

Doctor Who: Into The Dalek

Doctor Who: Into The Dalek


This week’s episode, “Into The Dalek,” was a brilliant and bizarre mash up for several science fiction references. The obvious was Fantastic Voyage, a 1960s movie where a team that includes a Doctor and his assistant are miniaturized and injected into a once evil, now-defected to good diplomat, to save his life. Here a team that includes the Doctor and his companion are injected into a once evil,…

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Sunday Morning Video: Lake of Dreams

If it’s the end of summer, it must be time for the Burning Man time laspes. This one is epic and at seven minutes long covers a great deal of the ephemeral city in the desert that most.

First Glimpse of Tyrion In Season Five

First Glimpse of Tyrion In Season Five

Someone got a shot of Tyrion in what looks to be his season five costume, and has stuck it, and several spoilery type photos up on their tumblr. Whether or not they are the same redditor who posted this Dinklage pic is not clear, but either way, it’s an interesting new look for him.


I wish it were less blurry and we could see it from the front. No sign of Varys. On the other hand there’s a sign…

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Project Runway Season 13: The Yellow Wedding

Project Runway Season 13: The Yellow Wedding


Our contestants meet Tim at Webster Musical Hall for today’s challenge. The tacky Vegas wedding set up on stage is a dead giveaway to what they’ll be making. But nothing prepares them for the sight of who Tim escorts in on his arm: Dita Von Teese. After suggesting she and Tim could get married for our entertainment (which he declares would make his mother from the dead), she reveals the…

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Face Off: Judges Match This Coming Tuesday

Face Off: Judges Match This Coming Tuesday


In case you don’t watch a lot of SyFy, or you missed this week’s episode, you might have missed out on this exciting news. Next week the show will take a pause. In lieu of our regularly scheduled competition, Face Off‘s three regular judges (that’s Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page) will be charged by McKenzie to step into the shoes of those they judge every week and compete in a make up…

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