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Paris Fall 2014 Couture: Julien Fournie

Paris Fall 2014 Couture: Julien Fournie


Julien Fournie arrived on the scene as a playful designer, full of whimsy, if not the most high fashion of notions. Since being invited to the couture circuit, he’s been slowly working his way to something more refined and respectable.


That respectability came through in the first outfit. The Little Black Dress, though eye-catching, is also very safe. But it will sell to high-end clients.


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Moffat Says Doctor Who No Longer A FairyTale

Moffat Says Doctor Who No Longer A FairyTale


After three seasons of insisting that the Doctor Who story is a modern fairytale, this week, Moffat abruptly did an about face on the subject. Turns out we didn’t really want a bunch of magical handwaving and “the power of love saves the world.” Whodathunk it?


Apparently to Moffat, it’s a whole new concept.

“One of the watchwords we have this year is there are consequences for choosing to live…

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Stewart Vs Colbert: The Star Wars Battle for Galaxy Supremcy

Stewart Vs Colbert: The Star Wars Battle for Galaxy Supremcy

I mentioned yesterday that I’ve been on a John Oliver tear because of his ability to work at a level above what Stewart and Colbert can accomplish. But one should not put Colbert and Stewart to the wayside. After all, without Stewart, Oliver would be exist. Stewart spawned Colbert, which paved the way for the more activist style work that Oliver has merely taken to the next level.

Stewart only…

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Paris Fall 2014 Couture: Ralph and Russo

Paris Fall 2014 Couture: Ralph and Russo


This is only Ralph&Russo‘s second time in Paris for Couture, and already they’ve made a huge splash. Couple that with the news that British ­mobile phone entrepreneur and philanthropist John Caudwell has sunk serious cash into their brand (as a passive investor) and it looks like the UK based, Australian born designers are looking to stay on the Couture calendar for the long haul.



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Weird Al’s Final Videos from Mandatory Fun

Weird Al’s Final Videos from Mandatory Fun

Over the weekend, Weird Al’s domination of the parody landscape continued apace. Saturday brought us a Pixies style parody of First World Problems. It made me nostalgic for the early 90s.


Sunday’s video was notable for being the second to be released int he YouTube format. Up until this one, every video had been released in a different format, exclusive to a different comedy distribution site.…

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