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Monkey Island Legos


Someone over at Lego ideas is creating a Secret of Monkey Island lego set.


This is perhaps the most awesome thing ever. A few more shots of the Scumm Bar, plus Stan’s Previously Owned Vessels below.


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Project Runway: Sandhya’s NYFW Collection

Project Runway: Sandhya’s NYFW Collection


Here’s the thing about Sandhya. She was creative. She was probably the most creative of the entire batch this season.

But she was also playing with a completely different set of cultural references than the usual group of ProjRun designers. That made her different and interesting, but it also made her hard for the average viewer to understand. She also did not have some of the references we at…

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London Fashion Week Spring 2015 RTW: Erdem

London Fashion Week Spring 2015 RTW: Erdem

ErdemLondon Fashion Week  Spring Summer 15 London September 2014

It’s a jungle out there. That seemed to be Erdem‘s take at London’s Fashion Week this season. Mixing such inspiration as Katherine Hepburn in The African Queen and Victorian style fashions that call to mind the twilight of the British Empire, the results were florid in a hot-house garden sort of way.


The main complaint I had with this opening outfit was the masculine shoes, which clashed with…

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Doctor Who Christmas Special Guest Stars Announced

Doctor Who Christmas Special Guest Stars Announced


Over the weekend, the BBC released more details of the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special. No, they didn’t tell us if Jenna was leaving. We’ll have to tune in to find out. (Though if next week’s trailer is any indication, her choice between “real life” and “Doctor life” is coming soon.)


Instead they released the list of guest stars, which is pretty hefty.

“Nick Frost to guest star… Natalie…

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Doctor Who: Time Heist

Doctor Who: Time Heist

karabraxos bank

This week, The Doctor and Clara team up with a pair of modified humans to rob the Bank of Karabroxos. Sent by “The Architect,” a mysterious hooded figure, to break into the most high security bank in the universe, this adventure started out as an Ocean Elevens style heist, complete with bad ass music to walk in slow motion to. (I can’t be the only one scanning for Clooney and Pitt standing in a…

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